[ANSWERED] Can a dog eat mascara?

Picture this: You’ve just come back from a long day at work, only to find your furry friend, Buddy, wagging his tail, a half-chewed mascara tube in his mouth. Your mind races, wondering if this beauty product could be harmful to your beloved pet. “Can a dog eat mascara?” you ask yourself in a panic. … Read more

[ANSWERED] Can a 12 year old get polygel nails?

Picture this: Your little girl is growing up fast, and she’s been begging you for weeks to get her nails done. You’ve noticed that polygel nails have been all the rage lately, and your daughter wants to jump on the trend. But the question on your mind is, “Can a 12-year-old get polygel nails?” Don’t … Read more

Hair dye brush alternatives everyone should know

Hair dye brush alternatives

Dyeing hair at home has become a convenient and personalized way to refresh or transform one’s appearance. While professional salons utilize specific tools like a hair dye brush that’s typically one and a half to two inches wide, emergencies or creative experimentation may call for alternative instruments. From common kitchen items to artistic supplies, several … Read more