[ANSWERED] Why Does Suntan Lotion Ruin Nail Polish?

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[ANSWERED] Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

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[ANSWERED] Why Are My Polygel Nails Not Curing?

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Nail Knowledge 101: What Kind Of Alcohol Is Used For Polygel Nails?

What Kind Of Alcohol Is Used For Polygel Nails

When it comes to crafting beautiful polygel nails, the choice of ingredients is crucial for achieving the perfect consistency and application. One key ingredient that stands out in this process is isopropyl alcohol, commonly used for its balanced properties that make it ideal for polygel nails. As the main constituent in slip solution, it helps … Read more

[ANSWERED] What is slip solution for polygel?

In the world of nail enhancements, polygel has emerged as a popular and versatile system, renowned for its unique blend of flexibility and durability. A key component in this process is the slip solution, a specially formulated liquid designed to smooth and spread polygel during its application to nails. Not only does it make the … Read more

[ANSWERED] How Many Watts To Cure Polygel?

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